My first commission for the Essex Wildlife Trust, the Visitor Centre at Bedfords Park was a fantastic opportunity to work on a project in an area that I have known since a child - I almost felt like I owed the site a reward for many great times spent at the park.

Situated in the educational area of the centre, the brief was to paint a cross section of woodland, detailing wildlife above and below the ground.  The added bonus was that the wall would be used as a teaching aid by the Education Officer for visiting school groups.

Working with my favoured water based emulsions and acrylic, it was my intention to create a mural that had depth and included the amazing views from the centre.  Using a combination of my own and other references, the job was completed in 2 months and I was very happy with the final result, which led to a small article in the EWT magazine and an interview for Essex Radio!

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The football team crest can turn a room into a shrine!

Marine themed pool house and effective trompe l'oeil.

Educational area, Bedfords Park Visitor Centre (Essex Wildlife Trust).

Educational area, Chafford Gorges Visitor Centre (Essex Wildlife Trust).

Examples of blackboard signage and window art.

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