This commission from Essex Wildlife Trust for their newest Visitor Centre at Chafford Gorges Nature Park followed on from the success of Bedfords Park and has been the largest mural I have worked on to date.

Completed in under 5 months, I used scaffolding to gain access to the highest areas, which were approx 15ft high.   Again, the nature theme of this piece, combined with the visitor centre location, made it a real pleasure to work on - something that I believe makes for a better job.

Emulsions and acrylic paint were used here to give children and visitors to the centre a preview of the Wildlife they might see in the gorges.  My main aim was to create a mural that would need 2 or 3 visits before noticing all of the species included in the piece - working from my own and other photographic reference, I feel I have accomplished that.

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The football team crest can turn a room into a shrine!

Marine themed pool house and effective trompe l'oeil.

Educational area, Bedfords Park Visitor Centre (Essex Wildlife Trust).

Educational area, Chafford Gorges Visitor Centre (Essex Wildlife Trust).

Examples of blackboard signage and window art.

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