As a football fan, these badges were a pleasure to work on. Because I understand the pride and passion behind the teams. To put yours, or your childs favourite club on a wall or ceiling is a fitting tribute, and can turn a room into a shrine!

The Manchester United badge was completed in 1 day. It was drawn and painted freehand in emulsion paints. The lettering was hand rendered. My neck ached the following day!

The Liverpool crest was completed in 2 days. It took slightly longer to paint because I advised the client to have a red strip as a base for the badge to sit on. This mural works particularly well with the use of vinyl lettering applied once the painting was complete.

The success of this job lead to the discussion about an entire football themed room. Now there's an idea...

Paul Young - Artist.  Education, qualifications and brief client history.

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Bespoke mural artwork - my passion!  Examples below...

The football team crest can turn a room into a shrine!

Marine themed pool house and effective trompe l'oeil.

Educational area, Bedfords Park Visitor Centre (Essex Wildlife Trust).

Educational area, Chafford Gorges Visitor Centre (Essex Wildlife Trust).

Examples of blackboard signage and window art.

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