This wonderful marine and trompe-l'oeil mural is one of my personal favourites and my first 'pool house'.

My clients brief was fairly open; they wanted a marine scene above the jacuzzi.  Initial rough drawings were approved and further discussion led to the idea that the adjoining wall could be made to look like a garden.

Further concepts included the addition of a decorative niche and vase, and some detailing speading from the marine scene to an area of the seperate shower and sauna room.

My client's enthusiasm for the work as they saw it develop could have easily kept me there for many months - however, the job was finished in around 2.  Once completed, this emulsion/acrylic art needed to be coated in a waterproof clearcoat to protect it from the humidity and damp.

Paul Young - Artist.  Education, qualifications and brief client history.

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Bespoke mural artwork - my passion!  Examples below...

The football team crest can turn a room into a shrine!

Marine themed pool house and effective trompe l'oeil.

Educational area, Bedfords Park Visitor Centre (Essex Wildlife Trust).

Educational area, Chafford Gorges Visitor Centre (Essex Wildlife Trust).

Examples of blackboard signage and window art.

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