What originally started out as a favour for a friend has now become, through word of mouth, my most frequent line of work.

I have been writing ad/promo boards for Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants for 14 years, maintaining a good regular client base in central London and around the M25.

Working freehand using a combination of Zig Posterman (liquid chalk) and Acrylic paints, I can reproduce specific texts, images or logos with a professional touch to create eyecatching and effective signage.

As well as boards, windows can also be painted.  Some of my most recent work can be seen here!

Paul Young - Artist.  Education, qualifications and brief client history.

Artwork to your specification in a variety of media.

Bespoke mural artwork - my passion!  Examples below...

The football team crest can turn a room into a shrine!

Marine themed pool house and effective trompe l'oeil.

Educational area, Bedfords Park Visitor Centre (Essex Wildlife Trust).

Educational area, Chafford Gorges Visitor Centre (Essex Wildlife Trust).

Examples of blackboard signage and window art.

What am I working on NOW?  See the very latest projects & commissions.

All enquiries welcome.  What's your vision?